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Art for the Love of Sark Book and Film

Art for the Love of Sark

The Artists for Nature Foundation, Sark artist Rosanne Guille MA (RCA) and Gateway Publishing are pleased to announce the forthcoming publication ‘Art for the Love of Sark’ A Contemporary Portrait of a Changing Island. This book records the beauty and diversity of The Isle of Sark as seen through the eyes of a group of world-renowned artists, members of the Artists for Nature Foundation.

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As never before, the Island’s way of life and its fauna and flora are under intense pressure of rapid change. Habitat and diversity that has taken hundreds, if not thousands of years to establish, are falling prey to man. Many of the outdoor landscapes and creatures illustrated in this book might not exist for future generations to cherish and conserve for their children. It is perhaps the moment when we should take stock of Sark and our wider world.

Art for the Love of Sark is published to highlight the beauty and fragility of Sark’s unique ecosystem and its way of life. The book contains the finest quality reproductions of original artwork produced by award-winning Artists who visited Sark in 2011. The book is accompanied by a complementary film on DVD by Hans Rademakers about The Island featuring the music of Peter Gabriel Byrne and David Lynn Grimes, the Artists, and the Project. The text is by Renate Zöller.

Forewords are provided by the Seigneur of Sark John Michael Beaumont OBE; David Bellamy OBE; Rosanne Guille, participating artist and project organizer; and Ysbrand Brouwers, Founder, and director of the Artists for Nature Foundation. Also included is a voucher for a beautiful set of notecards of six images selected from the over 200 separate pieces of individual Art. The coordinator on Sark was the Artist Rosanne Guille.

The venture became the 20th Anniversary Jubilee Project for the international non-profit organization Artists for Nature Foundation. The book, ISBN 9 781902471099, size 290 by 290 mm, 216 pages, will be published on 1 July 2012 in the UK and Europe. It can be ordered directly from the Artists for Nature Foundation, Gateway Publishing, or from Rosanne Guille, La Maison Rouge Gallery, Sark, and from all good bookshops. Price is £45 or €49.50 and includes a free DVD and note card set.


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