Posted by: rosanneguille | February 27, 2010

L'Eperquerie pools

What a fantastic afternoon, clear skies, high tide with water lapping into the rock pools. Deep blue and green waves with white foaming tops, a real joy to be out…and as if that wasn’t enough in mid-painting I felt like someone was watching me and when I turned around, there was a big Atlantic Grey seal looking right at me!  No binocluars or scope with me though and he/she was at least a hundred feet away so unfortunately no sketches.  The gulls were flocking overhead and obviously very uneasy at the intruder in the bay, it very quickly made its way around the coast to the south side, diving down periodically looking for a meal.  Only the third time I have seen a seal off the coast of Sark.



  1. Superb start Rosie. You know, this whole website is going to work wonders for you. A terrific vehicle for your work. I love your descriptions, they’re giving me a yearning for Sark! xx


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