Posted by: rosanneguille | March 3, 2010

lichen sketches

A walk along the top path to the lookout between Port du Moulin and Saignie Bay always gives me a feeling of ‘old’ Sark, with its wizened, stunted trees exposed to the full force of the westerly wind.  On these trees are pale green/grey lichens, like little beards growing out of the gnarled old branches of blackthorns and evergreen oaks.  I think the name is Evernia prunastri and it is said to have been used as a fixative for perfume, as a flavouring for bread and even for wadding in shotguns!  Long-tailed tits also use it in nest making.  Here it’s abundant and grows among the ivy and honeysuckle.



  1. A beautiful ‘finding’ drawing. Lovely. x


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