Posted by: rosanneguille | April 4, 2010

Buzzard and Gannets

A very strong westerly wind and low tide.  Checked Grand Autelet for Guillemots, but none yet, not even on the water.  Later in the day I went over on the west coast and was greeted by a Buzzard being mobbed by Gulls, then went on to the cliff edge to see if the Peregrine’s nest site from last year was occupied, there was an empty ledge, but just above it was a lone nesting Fulmar.  Many other Fulmars flying around the cliffs above Gouliot and I spent a long time watching a pair of Gannets fishing very close inshore.  They were flying up and down the same stretch of water between the Moie de Mouton and Gouliot Passage, periodically diving for fish.   There were also several Shags and I could hear the piping call of Oystercatchers.  The Lesser and Greater Black-backed Gulls and Ravens just enjoying flying into the wind.  Even a lone Swallow shot past me along the cliff edge.  I tried to sketch the Gannets through binoculars but with little success, the wind making it very cold on my hands.



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