Posted by: rosanneguille | June 21, 2010

Artists for Nature in Sark

Just a quick update on the progress of the Artists for Nature (ANF) project planned for next year.  Since the press release was sent out we have had a great response from both islanders and visitors to Sark, with lots of donations being given towards the costs of the project.  Tomorrow I will be attending the Small Island Cultures Research Initiative (SICRI) ‘Art, Islands and Islomania’ conference which is being held this year in Guernsey in conjunction with ‘Art and Islands’ from Wednesday until Friday.  Ysbrand Brouwers from the ANF will also be coming over from Holland to attend the lectures and to promote the Sark project.  The Sark promotional film will soon be ready and I will post more details here when they happen.

Tomorrow I will be giving an interview to Channel Television explaining what the project is all about, and this should be screened on either Tuesday or Wednesday.



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