Posted by: rosanneguille | September 16, 2010

Art for the love of Sark

This is an update on the progress of the ANF Jubilee project based on Sark.  We now have a 15 minute promotional DVD from the ANF’s Dutch filmmaker Hans Rademakers and this is being sent out to possible sponsors.  The film ‘Unspoilt Sark’ is a ‘slice’ of life on Sark, its people and wildlife.  It also explains about the work of the ANF and outlines the positive impact that a project would have on helping to conserve our incredible unspoilt island.  Many donations have been received throughout the summer from the residents and small businesses of Sark and also from Guernsey businesses and visitors.  Thank you everyone for your support.

A big thank you to Stocks Hotel who have very generously donated the rooms for the artists in spring and autumn/winter 2011.  The first visit by the fifteen or so artists is hoped to be between the 4th and the 16th May 2011.

If your company would be interested in sponsoring this exciting and worthwhile project, please go to the artists for nature website to learn more about their work in some of the world’s most beautiful places.  Please contact Rosanne on 07781 122385 if you would like to see a copy of the Sark film and to become a partner.



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