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ANF ARTISTS – 4th-16th MAY 2011

The following artists have confirmed that they will be part of the Artists for Nature Foundation’s

‘Art for the Love of Sark’ visit in May 2011.

Please click on names for more information on their work.


Studied at Falmouth School of Art and The Royal College of Art in London.  A painter/printmaker and member of the Society of Wildlife Artists.  She lived for many years on the island of Bardsey off the coast of Wales and her work has been exhibited widely in Wales and England.


Singer/songwriter living and working on the Island of Sark.  In the ’90s he played regularly on the London folk scene, including gigs at Ronnie Scott’s and the Twelve Bar Club.  His work has featured on albums along side Martin Stephenson and Clive Stubblefield (James Brown’s drummer)


Has a PhD in ecology from Rennes University and illustrated countless books for well-known publishers including Gallimard in Paris.  He has participated in six ANF projects and is now their representative in France.

JAAP DEELDER (Netherlands)

A self-taught artist working in wood and stone, his carvings are inspired by nature, especially birds.  Jaap was awarded the best sculpture prize by the Society of Wildlife Artists in 1991.

PIET EGGEN (Netherlands)

Studied at the Art Academy of Maastricht.  Works as a freelance illustrator for nature magazines and advertising.  Lives in the Netherlands where he runs a gallery specializing in art inspired by nature.


Studied at the Academy of Art in Moscow.  Worked as an illustrator for Soviet Television, later becoming head of the Television Nature Department.  Has travelled extensively to study and paint wildlife and now works as a freelance illustrator.


A graduate of the Royal College of Art in London.  Works mostly in watercolour.  Published work includes English Nature, Usborne children’s books and BBC Wildlife Magazine.  Teaches art and runs La Maison Rouge gallery on the island of Sark.


Works as a painter of wildlife and domestic animals.  During his career Andrew has won several awards for his work.  He runs the Wildlife Art Gallery in Lavenham, Suffolk.


Writer and musician living and working in Alaska.  Has worked on films as co-producer and wildlife film guide with the National Geographic, Survival Anglia and BBC.  He has participated in ANF projects in Alaska, Spain and Israel.


Has won major awards for her sculptures of animals and birds which she makes from scrap steel and disused tools.  Elected President of the Society of Wildlife Artists in 2009.  Works mostly to commission.


Worked for RSPB film unit and British Antarctic Survey before becoming a full-time artists and illustrator.  He has written and presented two television series.  Former president of the Society of Wildlife Artists.


John has worked with the British Geological Survey, he paints wildlife and birds ‘in the field’ and has undertaken commissions for the RSPB, The National Trust for Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage.  His book ‘Between the Tides’ documents his response to Britain’s estuaries in pencil, paint and poetry.


Draws from his personal encounters with wildlife,  travelling often with just a sketchbook.  Has exhibited widely including London, Frankfurt, Berlin, Zurich and Nairobi.  Two successful films have been made about his work, ‘A brush with nature’ and ‘Drawn to the Wild.’


A graduate of the Royal College of Art in London and one of Britain’s leading watercolour artists.  His work has won many major national awards including ‘Birdwatch magazine artist of the year 2009’


A self-taught painter inspired by nature, birds in particular.  Most of his work is privately commissioned.  He has been involved in several ANF projects and narrated the film for Pyrenees and the promotional film ‘Unspoilt Sark’



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